Can a father abhor his child? Or a mother feel intolerable towards her baby?

Here’s the thing.

It happens.

However, you will agree that most parents adore their children.

But what about God?

Does his unusual behavior suggest he cares less? Or worse—make you feel as though he detests you because you’re a sinner?

And, no, you aren’t the only person struggling to get him—God’s holy, and we aren’t.

Speaking of getting him…

It’s not true; God doesn’t hate people.

He abhors sin.

Does God hate people? No, he does not. God hates sin because he is holy. Sinners are people, and God made people. Just like you hate the cancer or Covid plaguing your loved one, God hates sin because he loves you. All humans sin. But God doesn’t send anyone to hell; people choose where they spend eternity. God loves Sinners, even sinners in hell.

People don’t go to hell because of their sins. They go to hell because they reject Jesus. It’s the justice of God that won’t allow them to enter into Heaven, not the heart of God.

Sinners versus evildoers

Sinners cry out to God for forgiveness. Evildoers or the wicked don’t.

Serial killers, child rapists, fraudsters—those are evildoers, people bent on evil. Granted, any person can commit murder, but dreaming of killing someone shouldn’t consume you. Unless you’re wicked.

Evildoers, in my opinion, are people with a seared conscience who repeatedly harm others for their gain, enjoying sin and reveling in iniquity.

The Bible refers to “the righteous,” “sinners,” “evildoers,” and “the wicked.” The Bible doesn’t use the words sinners, evildoers, and the wicked interchangeably for the word sinner. God called Abraham a righteous man, yet we know “all have sinned,” including Abraham.


So, in essence, Abraham was a righteous man AND a sinner. And God didn’t hate him; He pursued Abraham.

There are degrees of sin, and the wrath of God—without Jesus—would fall on both the sinner AND the wicked. The sinner becomes righteous when they are in Christ. A righteous person is a repentant sinner who has put on Jesus’ righteousness.

God hates evildoers, not people.

But even evildoers can be forgiven.

Let me explain…

Pastor Tim Conway from San Antonio had a picture of Noah’s ark in his church. The artwork was of people suffering and dying as the waters were rising outside the boat. Painted on the side of the ark sat a smiley face that said: “Smile, God loves you.”

But the picture wasn’t meant to be funny. “It was made to show the foolishness of modern-day evangelism,” says Conway.

“When you go out into this world, and you tell people to smile because God loves them… Look what scripture tells us: ‘All of mankind are children of wrath.’ We are the objects of the hatred of God, by nature. We don’t deserve his love.”

Conway’s beliefs may sound cruel, but his knowledge of the old testament is correct: God killed the defiled in the old testament if they didn’t change their ways.

“If we die without receiving Christ as Savior—or when He returns and we’ve rejected Him—there aren’t any more chances. We’ll be judged for our sins.” Billy Graham

Today God extends Jesus to the world, but if they don’t receive Him, they go to hell.

It took Noah 120 years to build the ark. And the people who watched Noah build the boat mocked him.

God gave them 120 years of grace to repent.


Men and women suffering and dying during the Genesis flood. Image by: Léon Comerre, Public domain, via Wikimedia Common

Jesus came to be killed in our place, for the punishment of sin is death.

God gave the commandments, an unattainable standard in our own strength, apart from the Holy Spirit, to stop us from causing each other and ourselves pain.

Jesus came to fulfill the law; he never said we’d be able to keep the commandments WITHOUT HIM. The law can’t cause you to be loving to your family and generous to the poor.

The Israelites thought they could keep the law.

They couldn’t. And we still can’t.

We always needed a savior.


In the end, God detests sin because the consequences of sin ravage the sinner’s life.

“But to all who believed him and accepted him, he gave the right to become children of God.” John 1:12

If you think of God as your Father—this way, you can better understand him.

The parent-child relationship helps us grasp how God feels about us. He created the concept of family and procreation. He also designed the bond between a mother and her baby.

When you have a sincere heart and habitual sin you can’t shake, God doesn’t leave you. He purifies you. He burns up your sin with his holy presence and then sluffs it off.

And the process, like a refiners fire, is painful.

You’ve been reconciled back to God.

I want to ask you three questions:

  • First, do you believe sin deserves God’s punishment?
  • Did Jesus’ crucifixion serve a purpose? And
  • Was God’s punishment of sin justified in the death of Jesus?

I bet you’ll agree that your sins have been forgiven BECAUSE they were punished in Jesus’ body on the cross.

So why would God hate you if he sent his only son to die for you?

He thought of you and breathed you into your mother’s womb.

Now listen. If you believe God doesn’t love you…

…you aren’t aware of the ministry of reconciliation that’s your inheritance.

…or your painful circumstances are speaking louder than God’s Word.

…or Satan has blinded you.

Or all three.

“Down here in this earthly realm of the flesh, it is a fight because satan is the God of this world, and he is biased against Christians because he was thrown from Heaven” Kevin Zadai

Demons are assigned to get you to take offense in God.

The demonic deceive, devastate, and, ultimately, destroy people. And you can cooperate with evil spirits by agreeing with your circumstances and not with the Word of God.

Ever wondered where demons come from?

They’re disembodied spirits stuck on this earth. Heard of the Nephilim? Genesis 6 tells us, “When men began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose. The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them.”

Fallen angels mated with the daughters of men and created a forbidden race, the Nephilim. Giants.

The flood wiped out the Nephilim, but they appeared again after the flood. When the Nephilim, the giants, died, their spirits remained on earth as disembodied spirits, now demons.

Not only is satan and his cohorts stealing from you, but they spend their days and nights injecting deceiving thoughts into your mind, convincing you that because of your circumstances—sickness, depression, job loss—God hates you.

What does your day-to-day life look like? Do you sometimes feel irritable?

Demons shoot negative thoughts into our minds and even speak through those closest to us.

Do family members behave strangely towards you? A colleague? Your boss?

Angels influence people subtly. And so do demons.


Great opposition, great reward.

The greatest misconception about becoming a Christian is that life gets easier once you accept Jesus.

It doesn’t.

You’ve been drafted into an invisible war and sent to the frontline.

Do you remember when Jesus cast out a mute demon in a man? Unfortunately, demons still roam the earth today.

They manifest through people, suppress Christians, and wreak havoc in the world. Their goal is to make you ineffective.

Here are examples of a demon’s thoughts, talking in the first person inside your mind:

How could God have allowed [insert terrible thing] to have happened to me?

I’ve prayed and prayed, but God isn’t answering me. He’s not involved in people’s lives.”

“Why does God allow so much pain in the world?”

When you become a Christian, you get a target on your back:

  • 50 points to the demon who can antagonize you today;
  • 100 points for distracting you from reading your Bible;
  • 500 points to stop, slow, or suspend your Internet connection. That way, you can’t listen to the gospel preached;
  • 1,000 points to get you to think badly of God, to bring an accusation against him, questioning his goodness and blaming him for any chaos in your life;
  • And, the ultimate goal, 2,000 points to take out, kill, a Christian who is baptized in the Holy Spirit and prays in tongues. Which is impossible, by the way.

When a Christian receives tongues—their prayer language—the target on their back is removed.

And put on their forehead.

A bulls-eye right between the eyes.

Double opposition is assigned to a tongue-praying Christian.

The demons’ point-and-reward system gives them clout with Satan and stops them from receiving punishment.

The worst part?

Demons delight in tormenting you.

And you’re still wondering if they exist?

Here’s the thing: I believe their true “point system” is much more sinister than this.

Satan doesn’t leave you alone when you get saved. He hunts you.

You have a hiding place in God.

You’re protected in Christ, but would you recognize the work of a foul demon in your thought-life? Can you distinguish between your thoughts and thoughts coming from outside?

If you feel irritable, antagonistic, or depressed, a demon may be stuck to you. Or worse—influencing you, which is more common than you think. You can be baptized in the Holy Spirit AND still and have an annoying demon inject thoughts into your mind. He can’t stop the plans God has for you, but he can slow you down.

“A curse is something where, no matter what you do, you always are behind. No matter what, something bad always happens, and that has to be reversed in your life.” Kevin Zadai

Your God pursues you.

Prayer is two-way communication, despite it sometimes feeling like one-way chatter to yourself. Prayer is also communion; God talks back.

Want a closer relationship with him?

If you pray, you enter into a relationship with God who promises to work out everything for your good.

But don’t spend 15 minutes talking to him just about your problems.

Talk to him about your purpose. What are you here for?

So, start praying…

…despite the questions you have…

…despite feeling confused and not understanding him…

…and despite feeling angry and unloved…

Trust God.


The angels have agenda for your life.

According to Dr. Kevin Zadai, your angel’s assignment is to transfer God’s agenda to you.

Why did God make you? You have gifts, talents, and something important God wants you to do during your time on earth.

According to Dr. Zadai, every person has a book in Heaven about their life. Which means your book has sub-headings, page numbers, and problems you’ll solve while you’re on this planet.

You may be on page 23, for example, of your 319-page book. And today, God’s angels are tasked to convince you that God is for you.

The author of your book?


Remember: Demons also have agenda for your life: to cause you to doubt, fear, and negate God’s plans for you.

Whose voice do you agree with? Satan’s minions? Or your Father’s?

Your words on this earth carry weight. You can either push back the darkness or agree with evil. What words are you speaking?

The bottom line

Sin is delightful, and crooked. And sin in the old testament was no exception.

Did God hate Abraham, Jacob, and David?

No. He pursued, blessed, and honored them, despite their sins.

Abraham sinned when he lied to the king about Sarah being his sister.

Jacob sinned when he stole his brother Esau’s birthright.

David? Bathsheba.

The only one without sin…


Everything that was made was made for you. The same God that created the earth, your dog, trees, and sex made you.

The question is… how do you partner with God?

And even more importantly, how do you get your prayers answered?

What are the two prayer-answering secrets that never fail?

Tithing and tongues.

In fact, they’re the biggest secrets there are. More job opportunities, money, everything. And more opposition and persecution.

Makes sense if you delve into the controversy behind tongues and tithing:

“Tongues has passed away”; “not everyone receives tongues”; “tongues is from the devil“; “tithing is old testament”—disinformation a lot of people believe.

What happens if you don’t pursue God?

Nothing at all. Your life will stay the same, or get worse. Which is devastating. And… is “devastating” what you are after?

What do you lose if you don’t pray?

God’s purpose for your life:

Walking out your book on earth.