If you’re like most people, 2020 smacked you in the face with the scary reality that if you don’t bank your leftovers, no one will bail you out financially when crisis hits.

I know what you’re thinking: “What if you don’t have money left over to bank?’

I get it. I’ve been in your shoes before and know how painful it is.

Your living expenses rise each month, and your bleak bank balance causes a feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach.

Do you also fear tomorrow?

That you don’t know what will happen?

Do you fear God’s silence? Covid? Job loss? Change?

Does that fear keep you from doing something different?

Perhaps the most looming question lurking through your mind: “Will I be okay struggling financially for the rest of my life?”

Managing how much money you give away is important so you can spend more, not less.

“What? Don’t you mean saving as much as I can is crucial to my survival?”

No. Not in the least.

Don’t get me wrong, saving is a good thing, but it is NOT the answer to making more money—especially if you’re already short.

You see, there’s a divine connection between how much you help others and how much God blesses you.

“God depends on frail human beings to carry the greatest message on earth to those who are lost and headed for hell. Yet, just as He afforded Adam the right to make his own decisions, God gives believers that same right—to decide not only whether they will serve Him, but even the degree to which they will do so.”—Dave Roberson

Prayer alone won’t change your finances.

God is into people. And he wants the message of Jesus spread around the world.

For example, TBN airs in every continent and costs a ministry money to broadcast a 30-minute segment.

I recently heard a lady give her life-changing testimony on Daystar about how she found Jesus and received salvation while listening to Andrew Wommack preach.

One truth suddenly hit me, over and over again: the woman wouldn’t have received salvation IF she didn’t hear the gospel.

Who was making it possible for Andrew’s ministry to broadcast on Daystar?

His partners.

There’s only one place in the Bible where God invites us to test him, and that’s in Malachi 3:10, where God speaks to us directly about the tithe:

“Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the LORD Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it. Try it! Put me to the test!”


Imagine what it might mean for you if God is telling the truth.

Money isn’t given to a minister to make him rich (like some people believe)… It costs money to run a TV ministry. And financial gifts help bring souls into the kingdom.

I recall someone saying years ago: “If you want to prosper, find a minister who preaches Jesus and give to him.”

If you tithe to your church or to a ministry, your 10 percent may pay the salary of a ministry employee or go toward world evangelism.

This is a win-win for God.



And you’re thinking further than yourself.

If you tithe to a ministry, when they spread the gospel, you spread the gospel too. When they testify about Jesus, you testify about Jesus too.

But continuing to do what you’ve always done won’t change anything. At all.

Can God lie? You decide.

“Don’t be fooled, God is not mocked. Whatever a man sows so also shall he reap.”

Galatians 6:7

Doubt is the most common hindrance stopping people from tithing.

Doubting God won’t do anything if they tithe.

Or another popular excuse: “This preacher is loaded… I’m not giving him money!”

For all the verses we read on giving, God telling us what he will do if we tithe… it’s tough giving away 10 percent of your income.

  • Coming up with who to tithe to is tough.
  • Logging into your bank account to make the payment is tough.
  • And hitting ‘confirm payment’ is tough!

You have an ironclad guaranteed God will bless you when you tithe.

The tithe is a nod to God that you can’t do life alone, and you weren’t meant to.

You have a promise—a vow—that if you do what God says, you won’t have room enough to handle the blessing he pours out.

According to the Bible, there are 4 types of giving:

  1. Alms: giving to the poor and needy in secret. Your motivation is compassion and sympathy. You’ll get back what you gave, but you aren’t giving to be rewarded. You’re giving out of love.
  2. Tithe: giving 10 percent of your income to churches or ministries that feed you spiritually. Your reward is blessing, and the devour is rebuked. Your motivation is obedience.
  3. First fruits: giving to a church or ministry once a year. For example, the difference between last year’s salary and this year’s salary. Or giving your bonus or January’s paycheck to a ministry. You’re giving God the first of your blessings. Your motivation is generosity because he has blessed you with some extra.
  4. Sowing: giving to churches or ministries. Here’s where you reap 30, 60, or 100 fold return. Your motivation is faith and reward.

What happens when you start to tithe?

There may be little to no evidence that God will do anything. At first.

But like how a plane suddenly lifts off the runway, so will opportunities and favor arise upon you. Isaiah 60:2.

How will your bank account look after it’s been touched by God?


Purity protects prosperity.

According to pastor and author Vlad Savchuk, sexual sin is linked to poverty, and purity protects prosperity. The only way to let prosperity reign in your life is through sexual purity. A divine connection exists between sexual immorality and poverty.

Imagine you have a pornography problem…

Do you expect your habit to affect your bank balance?

No, right?

But it will. And there will be no logical reason for your plummeting finances.

Sexual purity is a struggle.

But I’d rather be single, pure, and rich than sexually immoral and POOR.


On a scale of 1 to 10, how hard is it to remain sexually pure?


God hides from perversion and vulgarity. And hates skewness of his original plan for sex.

But when you have a sincere heart and habitual sin you can’t shake, God doesn’t leave you. He purifies you. He burns up your sins with his holy presence and then sluffs them off.

And it’s painful.

Friendship with God will take you far.

But it won’t make you rich. God blesses obedience.

A relationship with God ushers in the Holy Spirit. And once you’re baptized with fire, who can stop you? But I promise you… Satan will try.

God wants to spend time with you. And when you’re in the secret place talking to God, he’ll tell you to bless others. The more you focus on others, the more he’ll focus on you.

Do you talk to God? 

Praying in tongues is a wealth magnet.

Do you know the truth when you hear it?

Praying in the spirit, like all things controversial, works.

But what exactly is tongues?

It’s a weapon. And a fetch-my-stuff magnet.

When Kevin Zadai died and went to Heaven, Jesus told him: “The single most supernatural thing you can do on this earth is to pray in tongues.”

And Jesus specifically made reference to making more money the more you pray in the Spirit.

Peter prayed in tongues.

Paul prayed in tongues.

T.D. Jakes? Prays in tongues.

John Osteen prayed in tongues before he died, leaving a legacy behind… AND Joel Osteen.

Tongues empowers you to succeed.

How do you receive your prayer language from God?

By thirsting for Him.

You can be a pastor, prisoner, or (former) pervert… God is hungry to baptize you in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of praying in tongues.


Worship defeats poverty.

I’m not much of a singer. The only song I blare is Waymaker, and even then, my 83-year-old dad comes out of his room when I play it (everyone loves Waymaker!).

Worship isn’t loud music, though. It’s the posture of your heart.

Satan and the demonic spend every second trying to convince you God doesn’t care. But despite all the voices… You know the truth.

Worship shows God appreciation and gratitude. 

And worship, despite all the voices in the world, shows maturity.

We’ve all thrown our fists up in the air and shouted, “Where the hell are you!?”

“If you want to be free from poverty, lack, sickness, deception, and every other strategy of the devil—create a prayer closet or a private place where you can go to meet God. Then begin to worship Him for His Presence in your life, for His wonderful provision, and for His deliverance from every attack of the enemy.”—Dave Roberson

The bottom line

Everyone needs more money, but are you willing to do what you haven’t done before to get it?

How desperate are you?

After I sold my house, I told my cleaning lady: “God is going to bless me abundantly because I tithed on the proceeds of my sale.”

She agreed in her broken English with a beaming smile, showing her belief in his promises. But when I suggested she tithe on her (little) income… She replied with, “It’s hard.”

Tithing isn’t about the amount you give: it’s about trust.

$5 vs. $500. Makes no difference to God. He’s looking at your obedience.

Are God’s promises just words on a page to you? Or do you really believe them?

What does “won’t have room enough to handle it” mean for you? What would your life look like in six months if God is telling the truth?

If you choose to tithe, remember that payback for tithing comes in forms other than money.

Clarify your needs (and desires) by asking yourself:

  • What problems do I have that only God can solve?
  • What areas in my life are empty?
  • What are the solutions being offered for the lack in my life?
  • What actions do I need to take to get God to move?

Prayer, worship, purity, tithing, and tongues are the five keys that put money in your bank account. 

You can change your circumstances by following God’s instructions.